Southwestern Design
Powder Horn Stands

These Powder Horns are made by a local Artistic Horner.

The top one, “A Man Of Words” has one iron ring and one staple to attach the strap while the Southwestern Design Horn has two staples to attach the strap.

The Powder Horn Stand are all wooden with a leather pad. The stems on the stand are 2″ to 2 1/4″ tall.

Please call us if you are interested in the Powder Horns as they are one of a Kind.

The Powder Horn Stands are $16.00

Shipping will be added on to the cost.

Heart shaped ends for on horn straps

We have three leather heart shape sizes to attach on the ends of woven straps. There is also a small leather tie included to attach the horn.

The sizes of the leather heart shapes are 1 3/8″ , 1 1/2″, and 2″.

The leather heart shapes have the holes punched for easier stitching onto the strap. 

The coloring is due to the assorted leathers that we use. 

Also is available a needle and waxed dark linen thread.

I will attach your strap for free if you wish.

I can do it for you at one of the gun shows listed above or by contacting me for contact information.

Any size of our leather heart shaped ends for a woven strap is $16.00 a set.

Please specify the small, medium, or large size. Or you may send your strap to me and I will decide which looks and fits the best. 

A needle and enough thread for attaching

the leather heart shapes to a woven strap is $2.00.

Shipping will be added to the price.

As our items are handmade there may be a waiting time till we get the item/items completed. 

Thank-you for your patience!

Our contact information:
Stephen and Sarah Miller
9018 Glades Pike
Berlin, Pa 15530
Phone: 814-267-5887
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As our items are handmade there may be a waiting time until we get an item/items completed. 
Thank-you for your patience!
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