Frizzen Covers

Our leather frizzen covers are hand stitched with linen thread.

The frizzen covers are made from goatskin or vegetable tanned cow hide .

The frizzen covers also come with or without a hole to attach to your muzzleloader long rifle so you don’t lose the frizzen cover when you need to remove it to shoot your muzzleloader long rifle.

The frizzen cover is designed  keep your frizzen dry on damp,  rainy, or snowy days so you can get a good spark with your flint on your muzzleloader long rifle.

Specify if you have a handmade or a commercially made muzzleloader as the frizzens are known to be different sizes.

Price : $3.25 each.

Sales tax is included. Shipping will be added to the price.

Free 12 inches of waxed linen thread to attach your frizzen cover to your muzzleloader, upon request.

 As our items are handmade there maybe a waiting time till we get an item/items completed. 

Thank-you for your patience!