Homespun Ragged Quilt. 76″x86″ $840.00

These Handmade Quilts were made by Miriam Tucker, Sarah’s Mom.
Miriam was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in 2018.
She has outlived her doctors prognosis in 2018 of only living 3 month to 3 years.
She was living alone for quite a few years after my Dad passed away.
By 2019 with her health deteriorating fast she wanted to go to the nursing home of her church community.
At this nursing home the residents are encouraged to keep doing their handcrafts as they can.
They gave her space for her sewing machine and serger.
My four sisters and I try to find sewing projects to keep her busy’
In 2021 a neighbor asked me to clean out her mother’s sewing room.
This gave us ample fabric to give mom projects.
My one sister who lives close to the nursing home supervises the projects although we all pitch in to give advise and see there is projects on hand!
All of these quilts are available.
We have resorted to machine quilting as that is what is available in our area. Also Mom admits the machine sewing will hold everything together better.
There is a very limited amount of hand quilters in our area.
Some of these quilts are hand tied or knotted with yarn or crochet cotton.
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Shipping will be added. I can hand deliver any quilt to any of the shows listed in the links above.
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So here is the current list of large quilts. We have plenty of smaller quilts on hand also.

We cut the patches for this Homespun Quilt from color coordinating homespun fabric, as Mom doesn’t enjoy cutting striped fabric.
Mom did all the sewing.
This type of quilting is a machine quilted star in the center of each patch.
This is a weighty quilt due to the double seams and the bit of quilt filler inside each patch.
Mom then snipped the raw edges.
We washed and dried the quilt several times until the edges “ragged”.
So this is reversible double to queen size quilt.

76″ x 86″ Reversible Homespun Ragged Quilt.
76″ x 86″ Reversible Homespun Ragged Quilt.

This next quilt is a Hunters Star Quilt and is machine quilted and in beautiful shades of blues.

Hunters Star Quilt
Queen to King Size Quilt 90″x105″ $725.00

Hunters Star Quilt
Queen to King Size Quilt 90″x105″
The quilting in the Hunters Star border has a feather design
The Hunters Star quilt backing is a blue print

This next Quilt is a Chinese Coin Quilt.
We had a lot of precut strips available from the Log Cabin Quilt pieces.
So we gave Mom the challenge of making a Chinese Coin Quilt.
We think she nailed it!
We then had the quilt machine quilted.

Here is the story behind a Chinese Coin Quilt.
In fact, many quilt historians believe that the Chinese coin pattern originates from traditional Chinese currency having been stacked and tied together with a string after counting.
Others believe this design is a nod to an old Chinese motif usually found on decorative baskets.
The Chinese coins’ round form represents heaven, while the square hole in the center represents earth.
Bundles of three, six, or nine Feng Shui coins are typically strung along with a red or yellow ribbon.
So the quilt looks like coins stacked from the side and tied with a cloth.

92×108 Chinese Coin Quilt Machine Quilted
Queen King Size $725.00

The next quilt is a gorgeous Log Cabin Quilt which is machine quilted.

60×90 Log cabin
Machine Quilted
Twin Size $353.50

The next quilt is a Friendship Quilt where the patches came from a friend in western South Dakota.
There is a name hand embroidered in the center of each patch.
Mom Pieced the sash work between the patches.
The embroidered names are in pastel colors.
This quilt was machine quilted.

53×86 Friendship Quilt
Machine Quilted
Twin Size $212.00

This next quilt was hand tied.
The blocks of patches are joined with olive green sash work.
Mom sewed this one completely.

57×71 Hand Tied Quilt with Olive Colored borders
Twin Size $106.00

This was another stack of patches that were started from feed sack fabrics.
Mom then bordered the blocks with blue borders.
This quilt is hand tied.

61×83 Hand Tied
Feed sack Fabric Quilt
Twin Size $212.00

This is a Nine Patch Quilt where Mom sewed the nine patch blocks together with blue sash work.
This quilt is hand tied,

68×88 Hand Tied
Nine Patch Quilt
Twin Size $159.00

This Crazy Work Quilt or Comforter was not made by Mom but by one of her friends years ago.
According to the knotted yarn we do not believe this crazy work vintage quilt or comforter was ever used or laundered.

Crazy Quilt
Hand Tied
Double Size Vintage 73×91 $848.00
Crazy Quilt
Hand Tied with Yarn
Fancy Hand stitching around each patch
Crazy Quilt Back

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