Steve has built a Replica of a John Noll Longrifle. This John Noll Longrifle is a 50 caliber muzzleloader made from curly maple wood and  has a Green Mountain Swamp Barrel. The lock on this John Noll Longrifle is a Siler Lock.  Click on each picture of this replica of a John Noll Longrifle to see the finer details that Steve has engraved or carved on this replica of  a John Noll Longrifle. This Replica of a John Noll Longrifle has been john-noll-longrifle-replica-patchboxSold.john-noll-longrifle-replica-carvings-on-the-cheek-piece
1-john-noll-longrifle-replica-2 1a-john-noll-longrifle-replica-1 2-john-noll-longrifle-patchbox-with-engraving 2a-john-noll-longrifle-replica-3 3-john-noll-rifle-lock-area 4-john-noll-longrifle-carvings-1 5-john-noll-longrifle-carvings-2 6-john-noll-longrifle-carvings-3 7-john-noll-longrifle-engraving-1