My Mother, Miriam Tucker not only has been making quilts for many years, but she has been making Pillowcase Dolls for over 30 years.
The first Pillowcase Doll that Mom made was for one of her granddaughters.

Here is a little history lesson about the Pillowcase Dolls:
“This vintage style Pillowcase Doll goes back to earlier times when after a diligent home sewing session, a loving mother would take the material scraps and make a new doll for a well deserving child. Making do with what was available at hand, in this case a no longer needed pillowcase.
Pillowcase Dolls goes back to pioneer days, and again in the Great Depression when folks had to “make do” with what was available.
Decorative ribbon trim would frequently be pink or blue, depending on whether the doll was being made for a girl or boy.
By tradition, these dolls are faceless, in an Amish style.”

Mom’s Pillowcase Dolls are each handmade and one of a kind.
Mom’s Pillowcase Doll’s body and dress have been fashioned from a pillowcase, or in Moms case sometimes, a yard of fabric, or the embroidered part of a bureau scarf.
Mom’s Pillowcase Dolls have a sunbonnet with ribbon ties and ribbon trim on the sleeves.
The bottom of the Pillowcase Doll dress features the embroidered or decorated part of the pillowcase, or the embroidered part of a bureau scarf.
The Pillowcase Doll is 20″ long, and would be perfectly displayed on a bed, couch, dresser or in an old antique chair or rocker.

Mom’s Pillowcase Dolls come from a smoke free home.
Mom’s Pillowcase Dolls can be used as toys and is washable.
Mom’s Pillowcase Dolls are often used by an adult collector for display purposes.

Mom has also made custom Pillowcase Dolls from someone’s personal vintage pillowcase.
Depending on the condition of the vintage pillowcase the vintage Pillowcase Dolls are not recommended to be washed or played with by children.

For Mom to use your vintage pillowcase to make a custom Pillowcase Doll, the pillowcase must be freshly laundered in scent free laundry detergent.
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These Pillowcase Dolls are $33.25
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Blue Hand Embroidered Crossstitch
Blue Hand Embroidered Daisies
Hand Embroidered Basket with Blue Ribbon
Made from a bureau scarf
Brown Baby
Made with new fabric yardage
Machine Embroidered
Light Pinks
Creme Colored With Lace Trim
Machine Embroidery with Creme Ribbons

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