Homemade Lye Soap – Plain

Our homemade lye soap is made from reclaimed lard from a french fry eatery.

Our homemade lye soap has a beautiful old-fashioned tan hue.

Our homemade lye soap has a special unexplainable (to me) character because of the potato starch from the french fries.

Our homemade lye soap comes with a long list of wonderful uses!

Also available of our homemade lye soaps is the Farmers Boy Scrub with coffee grounds and cornmeal added to our home made lye soap for extra grit for the greasiest hands.

Our Oatmeal Lye Soap has old-fashioned oatmeal added for a soothing feeling to the old-fashioned goodness of our homemade lye soap.

Our Hint-of-Mint Lye Soap has dried mint tea leaves added to our homemade lye soap for an interesting touch.

Our homemade lye soap is 2 for $5.00 plus sales tax and the shipping of our homemade lye soap.

Ask for quantity or wholesale prices of our homemade lye soap.

As our items are handmade there maybe a waiting time till we get an item/items completed. 

Thank-you for your patience! 


Farmer Boy Scrub Homemade Lye Soap

Homemade Oatmeal Lye Soap

Hint-Of-Mint Homemade Lye Soap